How GreatBuyz Works ?

App Overview

With thousands of free coupons and many special deals running at any given point of time, GreatBuyz is an app that helps you save more, shop better and get the best value out of your time and money.

GreatBuyz Streamz

Streamz is a unique Opt-In service for consumers to get access to information and updates from preferred Brands/Businesses and read and shop at your convenience and need. Once you register, users can follow and unfollow brands at the click of a check-box.

Highlights of GreatBuyz Streamz

  • 1. Its permission based (No-spam)
  • 2. No need to install several apps that you occasionally use (Save mobile storage)
  • 3. Follow your favourite Marketplaces, Brands, Retailers, Restaurants, etc, all in one app (one-stop-solution)
  • 4. No junk emails. No junk SMSes (And no deleting them!)
  • 5. You can call the brands with a single click. (Don’t you love that convenience?)
  • 6. Old Streamz Messages are automatically deleted
  • 7. Searching for information is easy and convenient (no compromises there)
  • 8. UN-follow them anytime, no longer depend on Email/ SMS and any other channels to hear from your merchant. (Just a click away)

Coupons & Deals

You know that feeling when the total price in your cart drops just when you key in a cryptic code. We have that feeling and 10 times more joy packed for you in our Coupons and Deals sections. And if you are not an online shopper, and like to physically shop, we have offline deals for you as well. No more shopping without the joy of getting complete value for the money you pay. Be it Restaurants, Appliances, Apparels, Health, Beauty, Entertainment or Travel, there is always a ‘good deal’ waiting for you with GreatBuyz. And guess what, some lunches in life are free, and so are our Coupons.

Highlights of coupons and deals
  • 1. The largest collection of coupons in India.
  • 2. Coupons are free of cost
  • 3. Easy to copy and paste
  • 4. Direct link to the vendor site
  • 5. No hidden charges, no fine print
  • 6. Special deals curated for GreatBuyz users
  • 7. Nominal charge for Special deals only

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