About Us

Famous Businessman Andy Grove rightly said, “Privacy is one of the biggest problems in this new electronic age.”

A brand that cannot respect a customer’s privacy is definitely not a brand to indulge in. With Indian laws very easy on marketers, the use and misuse of data in our country is enormous. Unsolicited marketing calls, SMSs and emails are not just a nuisance but an abuse of technology meant for an individual’s convenience. When husband wife duo Srinivas and Jyotsna moved to India from the States, they had an underlying desire to do something for the country. With technology and marketing being their strengths, they opted to create a digital marketing eco system that would bring the control in the hands of the consumer. And that’s how GreatBuyz was born.

Greatbuyz is a simple e-marketing eco system where shoppers can get the right information at the right time, save money and time, and shop non intrusively. It’s a coupon and gift card aggregator and its USP is the Streamz feature which allows users to follow and unfollow brands at the click of a button. It enables them to read relevant information about their favorite brands based on their short term and long term requirements, and take informed shopping decisions.

Srinivas and Jyotsna run the company from Bengaluru, under the umbrella of Turaco Mobile, with a team of 20 plus talented individuals who are constantly working to improve your shopping experience.