Turaco Mobile Pvt.Ltd.

Mobile marketing company Turaco Mobile, is the brainchild of Srinivas Mogalapalli, a tech genius who took the plunge after spending years on research and management. Having launched various successful tech products in US and India, he is backed with experience in technology, product and business.

We aim to be a global mobile and location driven marketing company through our flagship brand GreatBuyz. GreatBuyz is a shopping assist e-marketing platform. GreatBuyz connects consumers in multiple ways with Brands and Businesses. GreatBuyz offers a unique Streamz proposition wherein users can follow Brands. GreatBuyz offers other large pull marketing tools to consumers – It is a Coupons and Gift Cards aggregator that aggregates thousands of coupons, offers from multiple sources and makes them available to users in one location. It caters to Online, Offline (O2O) and Omni-channel Businesses.

Turaco Mobile earlier operated in the Mobile VAS space wherein it aggregated and distributed coupons and deals via non-data channels via a leading mobile operator in the country. The company generated revenues for 3 years (2014-2017) in this space while demonstrating competence and large scaling.

GreatBuyz Product Suite has been acquired by Devicebook Online Services Pvt. Ltd. in Feb2021. The GreatBuyz product links in this website continue to work. Rest of the information is largely outdated. If you need any information, do contact us.

GreatBuyz for Consumers (B2C):


GreatBuyz is your ticket to be a smart shopper. It helps you not just save time and money, but to get the best value for what you buy without investing too much time on it. It is like a magic genie that brings together the best deals, coupons and discounts under one roof through its multi-layer offering. It also has a unique Streamz feature which allows you to follow and unfollow your favourite brands and stay in touch with them without having to sift through junk email and SMSes. It gives you updates on latest seasonal and flash sales and offers and deals running across food, apparel, health, beauty and home. One can choose to opt-in for the information and stay connected with your preferred brands, get to know them better and engage in them in a healthy and non-intrusive manner. Being need specific, opting out of the updates is just as easy. After all, the aim of GreatBuyz is to make shopping easy and enjoyable.

GreatBuyz for Brands/Businesses

Several Brands have started engaging powerfully with Consumers via GreatBuyz Streamz. Come, join our exciting Eco-System.

If you are a brand that likes to reach out to customers with respect, and in a more organic manner, without spending a bomb on doing so, then GreatBuyz is your best tool. With its opt-in marketing platform called GreatBuyz Streamz you can reach out to genuine customers and promote your products and brands to them for which they will opt for voluntarily. Being permission-based, the impact of the communication is much more and the engagement and eventually translation to sale is much higher. GreatBuyz Streamz is a very powerful tool and can be used instead of/in addition to traditional advertising. It’s ideal for:

  • 1. Single brand or multi-brand companies (Fashion, FMCG, fitness, home and decor brands, etc)
  • 2. Chain retail stores (Grocery stores, departmental stores, book stores, kids stores, etc)
  • 3. Single outlet stores (Apparel shops, shoe shops, medicine shops, kids store, toys store, etc)
  • 4. Travel companies (Online and offline)
  • 5. Fintech companies
  • 6. Design & art studios
  • 7. Lifestyle Services like Astrology, Spas, Sports, Entertainment, etc

GreatBuyz Streamz gives the power to choose to follow to the customer, and the flexibility to publish relevant content to the brands, ensuring maximum benefit to both. It enables discovery commerce and enhances intent shopping. Brands can use this platform to:

  • 1. Announce product launches, offers, seasonal sales and provide other weekly/fortnightly updates.
  • 2. It’s a power tool for customer education, sharing brand history, philosophy and CSR initiatives.
  • 3. Reach/communicate to your Target Audience and conduct mini-surveys, share customer care details and collect feedback
  • 4. Increase brand visibility, stay in regular touch with existing customers and reach out to potential customers
  • 5. Communicate via Plain text, Rich HTML text, Audio or Video.
  • 6. Promote special deals, offers and discounts.

Ample research has been conducted to prove that content marketing is the best long term marketing strategy and aligns with every online strategy. GreatBuyz Streamz offers you an integrated marketing platform that aids in Brand Recall and Retention by establishing a constant communication between the brand and its target audience. A marketing plan that aims to increase the effectiveness of promotions and advertisements and places importance to brand engagement MUST have GreatBuyz Streamz in its plan.

How Brands can benefit?

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